Summer Reading

GJSMS Summer Reading Challenge

1) Read at least one book of your choosing or one of the books from our suggested Black Eyed Susan Nominee List below (All books except "Words on Fire" are available as an e-book from BCPL):


  • Becoming Muhammad Ali- By Alexander, Kwame and James Patterson
  • Finding Orion- By Anderson, John David
  • The Disaster Days- By Behrens, Rebecca
  • Fighting Words- By Brubaker Bradley, Kimberly
  • Golden Arm- By Deuker, Carl
  • Wink- By Harrell, Rob
  • War Stories- By Korman, Gordon
  • Homerooms and Hall Passes- By O'Donnell, Tom
  • Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism, and You- By Reynolds, Jason
  • Zora and Me: The Cursed Ground- By Simon, T.R.
  • A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying- By Armstrong, Kelley
  • Isaiah Dunn is My Hero- By Baptist, Kelly J.
  • Santiago's Road Home- By Diaz, Alexandra
  • Notorious- By Korman, Gordon
  • Show Me a Sign- By LeZotte, Ann Clare
  • Indian No More- By McManis, Charlene Willing with Traci Sorell
  • History Smashers: The Mayflower- By Messner, Kate
  • Prairie Lotus- By Park, Linda Sue
  • City Spies- By Ponti, James
  • Before the Ever After- By Woodson, Jacqueline

2) After you finish your novel for summer reading, complete ONE of the following projects. 

  • Create a comic strip with at least 10 pictures and captions depicting the main events of the story. Feel free to be creative with colors and cut outs.
  • Rewrite the ending of the story. Be sure to include what happened to the main characters. (2-page minimum)
  • Create a movie trailer for the novel. This can either be drawn out on a story board or a video. You will be able to submit your video to Schoology when you come back to school.
  • Rewrite part of the novel through a different character’s point of view. Begin at the part you think is most exciting, then tell the rest of the story through your character’s eyes.
  • Create a playlist for the novels if it was turned into a movie. There should be a minimum of six songs. Write a summary for each song explaining its connection to the story.
  • Create a board game based on the novel. Include directions and any pieces needed to play the game.
  • Write and illustrate a children’s book about a major theme represented in your novel. (Another option is to rewrite your novel in the form of a children’s book.)
  • Assemble a collage that represents the major themes and characters of the story. Include a summary explaining how your collage represents those characters and themes.

3) Turn in your assignment to your new language arts teacher at the beginning of the school year.


*How can I get one of the books from the list to read if I can't get to the library?

The Baltimore County Public Library may have these books available to read as an e-book. All BCPS students have a free BCPL Student Account.

1) Go to the BCPL Account Login page.
2) Sign in using your BCPS User Barcode Number and password 0000
(you can ask your teacher or librarian for your user barcode number).
3) Browse for e-books using the search feature. 

The books are also available for purchase through online book purchasing websites like Barnes and Noble.


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