GJSMS School Supplies List

Here is a list of school supplies that your child will need for the first day of school.

Link for a printable list: Printable School Supplies List

General School Supplies

Three ring binder with 3” rings, Quantity 1

Notebook dividers, Quantity 2 pkgs.

Lined loose-leaf notebook paper (wide ruled) , Quantity 2 pkgs.

Soft pencil case , Quantity 1

Post-it Notes, Quantity 1 pkg

Pencils (#2) , Quantity 2 pkgs.

Pens – Blue, Black, and Red

•             1 package of blue or black and 1 package of red, Quantity 1 pkg.

Hand-held pencil sharpener with lid to collect shavings, Quantity  1

Highlighter, Quantity 2

Expo markers, Quantity 1 pkg.

Colored Pencils or Non-Permanent Markers (No Sharpies), Quantity 1 pkg.

Hand-held eraser, Quantity 1

Glue Sticks, Quantity 3

Scissors (child-sized), Quantity 1

Plastic ruler 12”/30 cm – Please write the student’s name on the back, Quantity 1

Earbuds or headphones, Quantity 1


Content Specific School Supplies

Spiral bound sketch book – (GT Art Students Only), Quantity- 1 book with 50 pgs.

Pocket folder without metal fasteners – All Art Students, Quantity 1

Index Cards 3x5 – All Spanish Students, Quantity 1 pkg.

Notebook – All Music Students, Quantity 1

Pocket folders with metal fasteners – 6th grade Science, Quantity 5

Black and white composition books for ELA, Math, and Spanish, Quantity 3

Band and/or Orchestra Students:

  • Please pay careful attention to the list below as each instrument has different needs! 

  • Items may be purchased at Menchey Music or by using one of the online links provided below. 

  • If there are any questions, feel free to reach out via email to

Performance (Band/Orchestra)

-1 Sound Innovation method book (for the students chosen instrument, ALL STUDENTS Band AND Orchestra)

Method Book Link

*Please be sure if your child plays the clarinet, you purchase the clarinet book* The instrument the book is written for is found in the top right corner of the front page.



-5 Reeds (If your student plays the Saxophone or Clarinet)

Reeds Link

-Please make sure you purchase strength 2.0 reeds. 

*Saxophone players purchase Eb Alto Saxophone Reeds*

*Clarinet players purchase Bb Clarinet Reeds*


-1 Bottle of Valve Oil (All Brass Players ONLY)

Valve oil link


-Drum Sticks (Percussion Students ONLY)

Drum Stick Link

-1 Stick of Rosin (All Orchestra players ONLY)

Violin, Viola, Cello:

Violin/Viola/Cello Rosin Link


Bass Rosin Link

-1 Neck Rest (Violin and Viola players ONLY)

Neck Rest Link

1 Cello Stopper (Cello Players Only)

Cello Stopper Link