Enrollment Information

Welcome to General John Stricker Middle School


To register please call 443-809-7037 or -7038, for an appointment.

The following documentation is required for enrollment:

  1. Transfer/Withdrawal packet from the previous school


  2. If you are RENTING: Provide your CURRENT LEASE including the signature page.  If your lease is more than a year old, you will need a letter from the landlord stating that you currently live at that address.

    If you OWN YOUR HOME:Provide a copy of any one of the following choices:

    • Deed
    • Mortgage statement, payment coupon/book
    • Property tax bill
    • Or both your Water bill and Property search document for your address


  3. 3 PIECES OF BUSINESS MAIL: Mail must be dated WITHIN 60 DAYS OF DATE SUBMITTED. Mail must show parent’s name, current address and the date.

     Preferred mail includes:

    • Phone bill
    • Doctor bill 
    • Bank statement
    • Cable bill 
    • Government mail
    • Credit card bill  
    • Letter/paystub from your place of employment


  4. PICTURE ID:  If you use your license/ID for your picture ID, it must have your current address as stated on your mail/lease.  If your license/ID does not have the same address, you must provide a change of address card or a receipt, from the MVA.

 Other acceptable forms of a Picture ID are:

  • Work ID      
  • Passport  
  • Membership card with picture and your name

Please be sure to have all necessary paperwork before enrolling.  A child will not be enrolled in BCPS unless and until all documentation is complete. (BCPS RULE 5150)  

Find more information at the BCPS Residency Office Webpage